jewelry care

All our jewelry is made of 925 Sterling Silver or 925 Sterling Silver with 18k Gold plating. Some jewelry in our collection is made of other materials as specified in the product description.

Keeping the shine of your jewelry on the first day is very simple, you just have to follow all our recommendations. All our jewelry has been treated with specific techniques to maintain its initial appearance, however, if they are not properly cared for, cleaned, and stored, they will lose their initial shine and appearance.

- Tips on how to care for and maintain silver:

Tips on how to care for and maintain silver:

Due to the use of your jewelry, they can lose their luster. For the conservation of the same, we recommend not to exposing them to cosmetic products or perfumes. It's also advisable to take off your jewelry to sleep, to perform any activity that involves sweating of the skin, and to take a shower.

For the preservation of the gold plating, it is essential not to wet the jewelry, as getting them wet reduces the lifespan of the plating and may void the warranty.

- Tips for cleaning your jewelry:

To restore the luster of your Silver jewelry, wash the jewelry by gently scrubbing it with a toothbrush with a little soap and semi-warm water. You can also rub them gently with a specific microfiber cloth.

Gold-plated silver jewelry should only be cleaned gently with a microfiber cloth specifically for cleaning jewelry, without applying any liquid or product, thus avoiding the loss of the plating.

However, this technique will not remove any scratches or dents that the piece may have.

- Tips for storing your jewelry:

Store your jewelry in a cool place, away from sunlight and humidity. We recommend storing your jewelry in a padded jewelry box or tarnish-resistant velvet bag.

Please note that Banoffee boxes are not designed to keep items in perfect condition for extended periods of time, as they are not airtight containers and color alteration may eventually appear with lack of use.


Banoffee does not claim that gold plating on jewelry will last forever. Gold-plated pieces are more delicate and susceptible to losing color over time, especially if the care recommended in the previous sections is not followed.

The duration of the plating will depend on various factors such as sweating, improper use, skin pH, and the use of cosmetic or chemical products on the skin, such as hydroalcoholic gel or lotions and perfumes. Therefore, jewelry with gold plating requires special care.

If your jewelry has lost its gold plating sooner than expected, please get in touch with our customer service team via email at so we can assess the situation and provide a solution.

By taking care of your Banoffee jewelry, they will accompany you for a long time!

If you take care of your Banoffee jewelry, it will last for a long time!