Passion, illusion and style


Banoffee is a brand of women's accessories that was founded in Barcelona in 2014, the result of a passion for design and development of its own creations.

It is a dream come true after several years of effort, combining studies, work, and the passion of Ana, the founder of this great little project.

After several years, in 2017 Ana decided to leave her professional career as a lawyer and fulfill her dream: to fully dedicate herself to what she is passionate about and make Banoffee her life project.
Beautiful things

Banoffee works by hand and takes care of every detail.


They are synonymous with elegance, class, and at the same time freshness, modernity, lightness, and light. They are easy to combine and wear because our main objective is to create pieces that accompany women in their daily lives and make them feel unique and special. We combine different materials, however, our pieces are predominantly made of 925 Sterling Silver and natural stones.

Our collections are constantly evolving, as we incorporate new pieces regularly according to the trend of each moment.


They are unique, basic and easy-to-combine products. We make them one by one, with love, following your preferences.


Along with these products, throughout the season we introduce some clothing of our own design and 100% made in Barcelona. During the winter season, shirts that combine different fabrics, are handmade, limited edition.

For the summer season, we have a small collection of swimwear for men and women.


All our products aim to convey the personality of the brand. They are high-quality, unique collections, made with love and passion, elements that we reflect in every detail.

Our dream is to be able to fulfill all your dreams!


At Banoffee our customers come first and foremost. We work every day to strive for improvement and provide you with personalized service. We want you to feel comfortable in Banoffee and find what you were looking for, and if you can have a good time, even better, right?