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by {{ author }} STAFF BANOFFEE on Mar 03, 2022

The Banoffee Team wishes you a very Happy Women's Day!

March 8 is a day to remember how beautiful it is to be a woman, but it is also a day to celebrate.

Celebrate with your mother, your grandmother, your daughters, sisters, friends, or co-workers, how beautiful it is to be a woman. They move the world just like you do. It's time to celebrate for them and for you!
Celebrate life and celebrate everything that is to come for us. Because being a woman is wonderful.

Besides, for us "woman" also means solidarity.

This year, in honor of Women's Day, the ENTIRE team has designed a very special necklace and bracelet set for you all . On this occasion we have chosen the Amethyst stone, a symbol of elegance and femininity.
From March 3 to 8, 100% of the profits from each sale will be donated in support of Plan International , a foundation that, From March 3 to 8, 100% of the profits from each sale will be donated to support Plan International, a foundation through which the Girls Get Equal campaign pursues equality and freedom for girls and young women. Fight for lifelong learning for girls in vulnerable situations. It seeks to ensure that every girl has decision-making power on issues that affect her and the ability to access leadership positions to build a world free of discrimination, harassment, and violence. The movement for the rights of girls is transforming the world, but they cannot achieve change alone (
Today is a perfect day to remember all those women who brighten your life, who make it easier, who support you unconditionally, who love you just the way you are, how much you love them, how much you admire them, and how much you value them.
Every day is our day, but today more than ever, let's celebrate women with happiness, love, companionship, respect, diversity, and above all, empathy.
Don't miss the FEMME collection, a symbol of elegance and femininity. It will become your most special piece and every time you wear it you will remember why being a woman is wonderful. Thanks to your collaboration we will help to build a better future full of opportunities for many girls.
A very happy day to all!
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